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Crawldata from Alexa Internet from 1999-09-21T15:34:07PDT to 1999-09-21T17:03:08PDT

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Crawldata from Alexa Internet from 1999-09-21T15:34:07PDT to 1999-09-21T17:03:08PDT

Published 1999
Topics crawldata

Data crawled by Alexa Internet on behalf of Alexa Internet from Tue Sep 21 15:34:07 PDT 1999 to Tue Sep 21 17:03:08 PDT 1999

Identifier amazon-000000-19990921153407-937953690-c
Contributor Alexa Internet
Date 1999
Firstfiledate 19990222134114
Lastfiledate 19991022020020
Mediatype web
Scanner Alexa Internet
Scanningcenter San Francisco
Sponsor Alexa Internet
Publicdate 2012-07-21 04:53:10
Addeddate 2012-07-21 04:53:10
Imagecount 5679984
Fail-reasons CDXIndex:gzip fail:amazon-000003-19990921170308-937961884.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:amazon-000002-19990921170308-937959526.arc.gz CDXIndex:gzip fail:amazon-000008-19990921170308-937972915.arc.gz CDXIndex:unknown:amazon-000010-19990921170308-937976660.arc.gz CDXIndex:unknown:amazon-000016-19990921170308-938003706.arc.gz CDXIndex:unknown:amazon-000010-19990921170308-937977559.arc.gz
Scandate 19990222134114
Boxid OL100010002


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on 7/21/2012
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